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Many products branded Manuka Honey give an exaggerated UMF or may not be Manuka Honey at all. Some try to confuse by quoting other factors which are not recognised or approved. With Bee+ you can be certain of the authenticity of our products and the grade you are buying.

UMF Certification

The UMF in all of our Manuka Honeys is independently tested and certified by Analytica Laboratories, one of New Zealand's leading Honey testing specialists approved by the Ministry Of Primary Industry.


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Batch Traceability

All of our hives have GPS tracking so we can trace exactly the hive location and batch of every Bee+ product.

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How do we ensure you get the highest quality UMF honey?

Bee+ employs many outstanding beekeepers who journey into remote locations to ensure Manuka Honey that is totally untouched by pollutants such as pesticides.

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